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  • Personal bests 2004-
    10k: Brighton Reebok 10k, November 20, 2005 0:45:25
    10 miles: Seaford Striders Mince Pie Ten Mile, December 12, 2004 01:25:19
    20K: Firle 20k, September 28, 2008 2:06:52
    Half-marathon: Hastings Half Marathon, March 12, 2006 01:42:23
    20 miles: Jog Shop Jog, October 15, 2006 03:24:46
    Marathon: Isle of Wight Marathon, May 21, 2006 04:10:40

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What does the Greek in the banner mean?

  • χαιρέτε νικὠμεν
    χαιρέτε νικὠμεν means "Greetings, we've won" and are the words attributed by Plutarch and Lucian to the runner who brought news of victory at the battle of Marathon to the people of Athens. They both wrote some six hundred years after the battle and the story is unlikely. Herodotus, who was closer to events, writes of a runner called Pheidippides who ran from Athens to Sparta to ask for help before the battle, but says nothing of a run to tell the Athenians of the victory. "So, when Persia was dust, all cried, 'To Akropolis!
    Run, Pheidippides, one race more! the meed is thy due!
    "Athens is saved, thank Pan," go shout!' He flung down his shield
    Ran like fire once more: and the space 'twixt the Fennel-field
    And Athens was stubble again, a field which a fire runs through,
    Till in he broke: 'Rejoice, we conquer!' Like wine through clay,
    Joy in his blood bursting his heart, he died--the bliss!"
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July 20, 2012


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